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Winter Road Clearance

RECATHAN® for efficient winter road clearance
PU Scraper bars, break blocks, snow scrapers
RECA plastics Winterdienst
  • Products:
  • RECATHAN® snow-/scraper bars, swing handlebars, shock absorber rails, skids, coulter stops, etc.

What we offer:

We provide Polyurethane scrapers , drilled or undrilled, with or without bevels up to 5800 mm length and in every rectangular cross-section for your snow plough shield.
The Polyurethane srapers are in different Shore hardnesses 70°, 80°, 90° available. Parts will be produced with our up-to-date machinery according to your requirements.
The sraper bars are weatherproof and oil- and grease-resistant. The elastic srapers guarantee a clean snow clearance and protect the road surfaces.In connection with the high abrasion value follows a substantional, better stability. Scraper bars are available for common manufactures such as Schmidt, Beilhack, Kahlbacher, Hydrac, Zaugg Assaloni, Vibromax, Ingersoll.

• low abrasion
• noise reduction
• surface protection

RECA plastics Winterdienst


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